Tom Hardy Net Worth

tom hardy net worth

Tom Hardy, born Edward Hardy, is only 38 years’ old and he has already grown the impressive Tom Hardy Net Worth to an incredible, bank busting, jaw dropping amount. This famous English actor seems to have figured out how to perfectly balance the scales evenly between ‘Family Man’ and ‘Heart Throb’.

Tom Hardy Net Worth: $15 Million

Tom Hardy has a surprisingly large and unexpected bank balance when you look back on his teen years and his early 20’s.

Tom was not the type of guy your mom would want you to bring home; as “perfect” in mom’s eyes is not getting expelled from boarding school for stealing or even, sniffing glue. Unfortunately, for Tom, this was the start of his struggle, as it led to a rollercoaster of alcohol and drug abuse, a few bouts of disorderly conduct and eventually getting arrested for joyriding in a stolen vehicle with a stolen gun. Tom had clearly established a substantial bad boy reputation.

With a history like this, it wasn’t surprising that Tom was facing 14 years’ in jail at the ripe age of 17-years-old, however, thanks to the right connections, he was off the hook and his next reality check hit when he woke up on a street in the West End of London covered in blood and vomit in 2002. After escaping this jail sentence and leading a life where he was quoted as saying “I would sell my mother for crack”, Tom did what many people wouldn’t do when defeat rears its ugly head, he took matters into his own hands and checked himself into a rehab center that same year.

Tom had planned to only be there for the initial 28 days, but after hearing what other addicts had to say, he realized that he could relate too well with them and he could no longer deny his addiction.

Reality After Rehab

At the age of 19-years, Tom entered a modeling contest on the UK Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ where he won a contract and decided to start his acting career.

tom hardy young

Starting off slow, Tom won the ‘Evening Standard Most Promising Newcomer Award’ from his theatre performance of ‘In Arabia, We’d all be Kings’ and ‘Blood’, but 2004 was the start of Tom delving into a fictional world similar to the one he had recently decided to walk away from, when he appeared in the crime thriller film ‘Layer Cake’.

This movie centered around the drug industry, more specifically towards Tom’s addiction with cocaine, and this link started to follow into 2005, when Tom appeared in smaller films and mini-series, namely: The Virgin Queen, A for Andromeda, Stuart: A Life Backwards, Rock n Rolla, Bronson and eventually the movie, The Take on Sky One, where he was nominated Best Actor in 2009.

The Real Tom Hardy

Breaking actor’s creed, Tom is extremely down to earth and honest in subjects most actors would avoid. When asked about the characters laying such a close resemblance to his young adult life, he unabashedly opens up about his darker days and explains how some of the roles give him clarity on striving to be a “better father and a better husband and boy friend.” Doesn’t this sound like the kind of gent we want, ladies?

With Tom being father to 6-year-old son, Louis, from a former girlfriend, and now married to stunning actress Charlotte Riley, it’s clear to understand why he continues to go to group counseling and therapy “to keep his feet firmly on the ground.”

tom hardy family

Landing Roles and Throwing Punches

Tom played a character that he could relate to personally, when he starred as Sammy, an alcoholic with no ambition for life in early 2010, in the theatre production of ‘The Long Red Table’ at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. This won him some great reviews, which eventually spiraled into a fast-paced-storm that lead to his role as Eames in Christopher Nolan’s science fiction movie ‘Inception’ where he won his second award for Rising Star and shared the screen with two of our favorites, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Soon after this Tom signed his ‘first look deal’ at Warner Bros and played one of his hardest roles yet.

tom hardy warrior

Riordan, a character who’s an ex-Marine drifting through his collection of chaos, comes to life in the action drama ‘Warrior’. Tom explains how having come from an alcoholic background and dysfunctional family made him feel responsible in educating his audience in understanding the world that this character lived in. It was the same world that Tom Hardy had lived in. He admits to his own defeats, struggles and the helplessness that he felt in his personal life, in having to represent this unhappy and morbid character, and how it was a positive reminder that overcoming any form addiction is an ongoing battle.

The Good That Came From the Bad

In the end, portraying this dejected character was well worth it, as Christopher Nolan approached Tom to symbolize one of his characters for a second time. This character turned into the super-villain we all love to hate, Bane, in the 2012 Batman trilogy, The Dark Night Rises. Here, he once again acted along side a previous costar, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and bolstered his fame by association with the infamous Christian Bale.

Tom Hardy played his role as Bane to such perfection, that he fast became one of the most talked about characters of 2012, 2013, 2014 until, eventually, in 2015 he broke that title, when it was beaten by the super-villain character, Max Rockatansky.

The action packed movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, saw Tom as the title character for the first time and the film became a box office success, grossing an unbelievable $366 Million.

Tom Hardy’s performance in The Revenant, again along side Leonardo DiCaprio, had him play John Fitzgerald, a loathsome character that had you hating Tom Hardy even if you love him. Testament to his incredible acting ability.

Tom Hardy, Bad Boy or Prince?

Symbolizing the bad boy image to perfection, you would imagine Tom would spend his hefty net worth on flash cars and bikes, wild nights out, grunge leathers and add to his already impressive ink collection, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Bad Boy or Prince? We vote Prince without a doubt!

The Charitable Tom Hardy

This Bad Boy is more of a Good Guy and it shows when he owns the title Ambassador for more than one well-known charity organization. Tom has invested himself in the Prince’s Trust which is a leading UK youth charity focusing on assisting young people aged 13 – 30 into jobs, education and training; The Green Beret Foundation which provides immediate & long term support to its families that have sustained wounds in combat, illness or injury and The Bowel Cancer UK foundation which supports research and campaigns to stop bowel cancer and he has even taken part in a shoot where he had to run shirtless in nothing but his boxers for charity!

The list continues into organizations like Help for Heroes, Butterwick Hospice, Flack, Save the Children and Mcmillans Nurses. We take our hat off to both him and his beautiful wife, Charlotte Riley, who are both equally focused on charity work and making the difference.

tom hardy charlotte riley

Tom Hardy’s Big Heart

Simple. Tom has a fierce desire and need to provide charities that do not gain as much exposure to surface more progressively into the world. He has admitted that he aims for these charities, in particular, because he doesn’t want to see unnecessary suffering take place or research to be stunted because of the lack of support or funds.

Did you know that Tom also created his own underground theatre called ‘The Shotgun Theatre Company’ in 2006 alongside Robert Delamere who is a theatre, opera, television and commercials director, or you may know Robert better as the CEO of Digital Theatre?  Tom wanted to direct the comedy play called “Blue on Blue” that was written by his father, Edward Hardy, who wanted to depict the subtleties and vagaries of co-dependency.

Despite being an Ambassador and all of his achievements within the charities and organizations that he supports, Tom openly confesses that his biggest investment has been his family. Tom is a family guy who constantly strives to provide the best that he can and he takes pleasure in the simplicity of taking his son to the toy store. In an interview with ‘Details’ in May 2015, Tom was asked what fatherhood meant to him and he concluded it well when he said, “I was starting to get healthy again…, but I didn’t have an anchor. A child is an anchor… Fear of becoming your father and fear of not becoming your father.”

Future Net Worth Predictions

Tom will be starring in yet another one of Christopher Nolan’s movie, an action-drama titled, Dunkirk, which tells the story of the evacuation that took place in Dunkirk at the beginning of World War 2. This movie is set to hit the USA on the 21 July 2017 and if you think that this is too dull and history focused for your liking, then brace yourself for Mad Max: The Wasteland. This is a follow-on to the movie Mad Max: Fury Road and though no release date has been finalized, there have been rumors that Tom has signed on for three more sequels so the Tom Hardy net worth has some steady expansion lying ahead.

If that’s already gotten your tongue wagging, then we suggest that if you’re a lover of action-adventure games that you keep your eyes open for Tom’s leading role in Splinter Cell.

With so many new and renowned roles being promised for 2017, it’s clear to see that Tom is focused on being the talk of the Film Industry and with so many well-known titles promising to make next year action-packed for us, we look forward to discovering more about our favorite bad-good guy.

Born: 15 September, 1977

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