Nick Cannon Net Worth

nick cannon net worth

The Nick Cannon net worth is destined to grow in the very near future with the many offers and deals he has in the pipeline and will most likely keep growing indefinitely. Born Nicholas Scott Cannon, the Nick Cannon we know has a work ethic and reputation that have him turning everything he touches to solid gold. He is quoted saying, “My Vocation is my Vacation. I love what I do.” And it shows. We will cover exactly why we predict such a rosy future for this lovable guy later in this article, but first let’s meet this American rapper, actor, comedian and all round amazing television personality.

Nick Cannon Net Worth : $50 Million

Nick Cannon was born in California to an accountant mother and a motivational televangelist father. Growing up in a gang infested neighborhood in San Diego, Nick Cannon stayed clear of everything gang related and instead spend most of his time playing basketball. In 1998, he graduated from Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley, California.

nick cannon young net worth

His first break arrived when he took an opportunity on his fathers local cable program as a stand-up comedian. He strongly credits his standup comedy for launching his career saying it opened many doors to him.  This lead to future gigs as a comedian for Nickelodeon and ultimately, he became a guest star on All That, an American sketch comedy variety show. Comedy is still his favorite thing to do and Nick has said it is like therapy for him.

Nick Cannon’s Got Talent

Nick Cannon became widely known when he became the host of America’s Got Talent but this was not to be the full extent of Nick Cannons capability or the reason for his impressive net worth. America’s Got Talent has him sharing the limelight with not just the incredible and sometimes strange participants but celebs like Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Howard Stern, Melanie Brown and Heidi Klum.

The $50 million Nick Cannon net worth may have had its beginning on the comedy circuit and with hosting gigs but has expanded to many new areas. He has gone on to not just host but create and produce the MTV Comedy Series Wild ‘N Out. In the business round canon is now chairman of TeenNick where he consults on the creative development for Nickelodeon. He has also released his own albums, posted several radio shows, all the while touring and recording his stand-up comedy special called Mr Showbiz.

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His career to date has had him cast in several television shows including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Family Guy, 30 Rock, Up All Night . His impressive list of over 12 films include School Dance; Drumline: A New Beat; Goal II: Living the Dream; The Killing Room; Day of the Dead; Even Money; Love Don’t Cost a Thing; Underclassman; The Adventures of Brer Rabbit; Chi-Raq and Bobby.

Add up these numerous achievements and they result in a substantial net worth, one that Nick Cannon has undoubtedly worked hard to establish.

Fairy Tale Wedding

In 2008 Nick Cannon married singer Mariah Carey in a beautiful wedding in the Bahamas. The couple gave birth to twins on the third wedding anniversary. Their little girl is named after Marilyn Monroe and their son, Moroccan, is named after the location where Cannon proposed to Mariah.

nick cannon mariah carey wedding bahamas

In keeping with the combined substantial net worth of $550 million, The couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and the twins second birthday with a lavish wedding at a Disneyland resort. Cannon was dressed as Prince charming and Mariah as Cinderella when they repeated their marriage vows.

Sadly, a year later, Nick Cannon filed for divorce in December 2014 ending his six year marriage to Mariah Carey.  At the time of writing the divorce proceedings have still not come to an end. Mariah has taken custody of the children but Nick is still disputing the financial settlement. Our prediction is the Nick Cannon net worth will grow substantially when the process is complete. Mariah Carey’s net worth is estimated at over $500 million despite the disappointing chart results of her latest album.

The home Nick and Mariah shared in Bel Air, California went onto the market in February 2014 for a whopping $13 Million. Clearly a healthy part of the hefty combined Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon net worth.

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Mariah Carey is now engaged to see billionaire, James Packer and the couple plan to marry soon, putting her under some pressure to finalize the divorce as soon as possible.

Nick Cannon Future Net Worth Predictions

We have all come to love Nick Cannon as a funny, natural and down-to-earth personality. He has grown up with us while hosting America’s Got Talent but his earthly personality does not go without a hint of flair. Most of us will remember Nick wearing a pair of Tom Ford loafers for the finale of the 2014 America’s got talent show.

These diamond studded shoes are valued at $2 million. Definitely not your average pair of shoes. Nick explained how the shoes took more than a year to create and are studded with 340 carats worth of diamonds. These shoes definitely take “Bling” to a new level.

nick cannon shoes worth

Nick Cannon is also known for his charitable contributions. A video of him buying $100 worth of candy for a teenagers’ basketball team also went viral making him all the more loved.

Nick Cannon’s net worth has been wisely invested in a substantially large luxury estate in New Jersey. The house has six bedroom and eight bathroom. Nick has chosen the secluded Estate to ensure his twins have a chance to grow up out of the public eye. He will be renting the house initially with an option to buy it for $3 million.

We’ll keep an eye out for his future net worth growth and enjoy watching him spend it.

Born: 8 October, 1980

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  1. I’m so glad Nick Cannon is single again, I never thought Mariah was the right match for him. I know he’s working on his career right now but I hope he meets that perfect someone that will support his career. He is an incredibly talented man for sure.

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