Kevin Gates Net Worth

kevin gates net worth

The Kevin Gates net worth is relatively new, as is his career in the rap industry, but he certainly hasn’t shied away from his fare share of controversy and has made his penchant for lavish spending, public knowledge. His dating past was splattered all over the tabloids recently and I must admit it’s pretty juicy.

Kevin Gates Net Worth: $1 Million

His lyrics are particularly telling and you can gather a lot about his life just by listening to his music. “Whatever I’ve been through or I’m going through, I’m putting it out there in the songs, If I tell the truth about me, what can the world say?”

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Now, while $1 million may not seem a lot when compared to other celebrity’s net worth, keep in mind that this skilled rapper only really gained international fame in 2013. So with only a few years to have grown the current Kevin Gates net worth to what it is, we are well impressed. With his shady past and even shadier relationship history he has certainly become a character that is in the tabloids fairly regularly, often sharing his own personal videos on social media. He is the epitome of a bad boy rapper, having spent 4 years in prison from 2008-2011 for possession of a firearm and a controlled substance. However, he seems to have turned his life around for the better and has two children and a beautiful wife.

Kevin Gates Early Life

Kevin Gates was born in New Orleans on 5th February 1986 and was raised in Baton Rouge. He wrote his first song in 7th grade and began rapping at the tender age of 14. He was in and out of jail most of his teen years, while we don’t know exactly why he was sent to prison time and time again, it definitely inspired his song writing. He suffered from depression and said he used writing music as therapy.

Things started looking up for Gates in 2007 when he began making music with his friends Webbie and Little Boosie and he debuted his first mixtape called Pick of Da Litter. It was very well received and a lot his peers began to take notice but it was ultimately his 2008 single Get in the Way that got him real attention.

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Unfortunately, not long after that Gates was sentenced to prison for 31 months. A little known fact is that Kevin Gates is exceptionally smart and got his masters in psychology while he was incarcerated!

A Taste of Success

Immediately after his release from prison Gates went straight back to music and began to accumulate his net worth. He caught the attention of  Lil’ Wayne and was managed by his label Young Money. He said he considers Lil’ Wayne to be more of a mentor than anything else. For the next two years Kevin continued to release mix tapes, cementing his worth in the industry.

The Start of a Lucrative Career in Rap

2013 was the year the real money making began for Kevin Gates. He released his 8th mix tape The Lucas Brasi Story which caught the eye of Atlantic Records. The income from that mix tape alone was $108, 225.00. Spin Magazine named it “easily the best rap related thing” and said he had been the “rapper to watch for a few years now” The mix tape went viral all over social media and is definitely Gates’ claim to fame.

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This sealed the deal for Kevin and Atlantic Records and his wealth began to escalate. Exciting things started happening for this talented rapper and he was featured on Pusha T’s song “Trust You” as well as the song “Hustle All Day” by Gudda Gudda. He then released his album called Stranger Than Fiction, which brought in $174,825.00, his highest earning album to date. Stranger Than Fiction featured Wiz Kalifah and Juicy Jay and debuted at 37 on the Billboard 200. It sold 8400 copies in the first week. His song “Wylin” was ranked at number 40 on Rolling Stones magazine’s list of the 100 Best Songs of 2013.

2013 really was his year!

Kissing Cousins

One of the more interesting stories surrounding Kevin Grant was his candid admission that he dated his own cousin for TWO years! The rapper told TMZ that he found out the woman was his cousin after three months of dating and they carried on their relationship for a further two years. In his own video confession describing the unusual relationship, he said, they had already had “three beautiful months together” and “Why f*** up a good thing?” Well that’s certainly putting it bluntly. The internet and tabloids went into a frenzy as he shared his video with his 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

When you’re a rapper it’s pretty much a prerequisite to be covered in gold and drive a sexy car. While Kevin doesn’t seem to drown himself in jewellery he certainly got the sexy bling car. He decided to show off his purchase in an Instagram video and flashed the sky-high price tag of $122,795.00 to his followers. He now owns a brand spanking new twin-turbo Porsche 911 that has us mere mortals green with envy.

Married Life

In 2015 Kevin Gates married his long-term girlfriend and baby mamma, Derka Heyns (no, not his cousin) in a surprisingly tasteful ceremony in front of his friends and family. The couple have two children together, Islah and Khaza. He is known for sharing, possibly over sharing on social media and staying true to form he posted the whole wedding on Instagram and in one of the videos he sweetly says “I just got married… The best thing I ever did”

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Future Net Worth Predictions

The Kevin Gates net worth has gone from $571,429.00 in 2012 to a hefty $1 million in only 4 years and it continues to grow. Having lost a lot of his youth in jail it’s easy to see that this rapper is making up for lost time and earning his keep in the industry. He has gained massive respect from his peers and fans alike. There will surely be lots more to come from this interesting artist.

Born: 5 February, 1986

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