Emily Blunt Net Worth

emily blunt net worth

The Emily Blunt net worth is bound to keep growing for many years to come. This extraordinary star was born in South West London along with three siblings. Despite her mother being a former actress it did not appear that Emily would initially follow in her footsteps. At the age of eight Emily had developed a stammer which despite attending classes to improve her speech problem, it did not help.

Emily Blunt Net Worth: $16 Million

At the age of 12 a teacher encouraged Emily to play a character using a different voice and accent. With that the stammering disappeared. In the following years at school she continued to excel in sports and singing. During her time at Hurtwood House, she also completed two years of drama studies. In 2000, she signed with an agent and went on to land several roles both in television and on stage.

Emily’s career exploded and she gained worldwide recognition after starring in Isolda in 2003. She later went on to work with Susan Sarandon in the film Irresistible. Sarandon had requested that she audition for the role of Mara after seeing her in the movie, My Summer of Love. Sarandon described her as, “A force of nature”, adding, “And, she’s frighteningly smart”.

Emily was being offered and considered for huge roles including The Dark Knight where she was to replace Katie Holmes. This role later went to Maggie Gyllenhaal. In 2007, she not only won a Golden Globe for best performing actress in a supporting role in Gideon’s Daughter but became the new face of Max Mara advertising campaign. That bank balance just keeps expanding steadily.

Emily Blunt Net Worth Just Keeps Growing!

Emily Blunt is well remembered for her role as “Emily”, a toxic manipulator in the Devil Wears Prada here she plays the assistant to Meryl Streep. Entertainment weekly named her “Best Female Scene-Stealer” for her performance which  brought her much attention. Several new roles followed in short succession. First was Young Victoria, followed by The Wolfman and Adjustment Bureau opposites Matt Damon.

The stunning and versatile Emily Blunt’s net worth has grown substantially in her diverse and successful career. She is now married to the lovable John Krasinski and lives in Los Angeles California with their daughter, Hazel and Labrador, Finn. The handsome couples’ combined net worth sits at about $32 million. Of one thing you can be sure, we have not seen the last of this talented pair (yay!).

emily blunt john krasinksi

Emily Blunt the Mega Movie Star

With her reputation of starring in blockbuster movies like Looper and Edge of Tomorrow opposites Tom Cruise, Emily Blunts net worth is bound to keep growing and we undoubtedly have some exciting film viewing ahead of us.

emily blunt edge of tomorrow

We look forward to watching Emily Blunt hold the screen in her latest movie Sicario, opposite Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin, which is due for release early 2016. Emily Blunt plays Kate Macer, a FBI agent who specializes in kidnapping rescue cases and is is enlisted by a government task team to assist in the war against drugs on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The Emily Blunt Net Worth Future Predictions

What does the future hold for Mr and Mrs Krasinski? Our guess is a lot more dollar generating roles and as if that wasn’t enough, some sound property deals that will turn a pretty fortune. In her 3 year relationship with singer, Michael Bublé, she bought a $2.2 million house in Vancouver, Canada. In 2009, her and her husband bought a modern new house together in the Hollywood Hills for $1.59 million.

The house has been put back on the market recently for $8 million.

emily blunt mansion

These two seem to be turning a pretty profit at every turn. Pictures of their home show excellent taste and no expense spared to create the perfect retreat from the outside world.

The couple also own two other homes, one in Ojai, California and another also tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. Both homes were bought for over $2 million. Although Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, definitely appreciate the finer things, their spending habits do not appear do be reckless.

Simply Flawless

When spotted on the street or doing her own grocery shopping, Blunt is always sexy yet understated. This down to earth simplicity makes her completely relatable and lovable. She regularly frequents charity events which makes us love her all the more for giving back. In our book, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski deserve the healthy net worth they work so hard for.

emily blunt john krasinksi family

Born: 23 February, 1983

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