Chris Pratt Net Worth

chris pratt net worth

The Chris Pratt Net Worth has recently shot up as has his super stardom, making him one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood today. Chris Pratt is as hot and hunky as ever and has gone from being virtually unknown to a household name in only a few years. His net worth has escalated dramatically in a short period of time but he hasn’t let this go to his head, on the contrary, he is a devoted family man, married to the equally funny and quirky actress, Anna Faris.

Chris Pratt Net Worth: $30 million

It was his charismatic and laugh out loud performance in Guardians of the Galaxy that got this mega star recognition in 2014. He has actually been in a string of movies and TV series, you just may not have noticed… He was always cast as the chubby sidekick or funny friend. After a make over of sorts he took his talent to the next level and boy did that pay off. His net worth has jumped from a mediocre $1.3 million in 2011 to a staggering $21 million in 2016!


Chris Pratt’s Beginning

Christopher Michael Pratt was born in Virginia, Minnesota in 1979 into an average American family. His mother Kathleen worked in a supermarket and his father, Dan, remodeled houses. He spent most of his youth in Washington where he discovered his love for acting; he took part in small plays and tried his hand at dinner theatre. He even worked as a daytime stripper! After years of trying to catch his big break he eventually gave up and decided to move to picturesque Hawaii to work as a barman.

Almost Famous

Chris’ first few months in Hawaii didn’t exactly go well, he found himself homeless and sleeping in a tent on the beach. However, while on duty behind the bar, his effortless charm and charisma caught the eye of a new director on the block named Rae Dawn Chong. She immediately cast 19-year-old Pratt in her debut film, Cursed Part 3. Now, while most of us probably haven’t seen the low budget horror it certainly did launch his career and so began the growth of the Chris Pratt net worth.

Doors were opened and Chris began to get small roles in well-known TV shows. His first notable role was as Bright Abbot in Everwood whom he played from 2002 – 2006. During this 4-year stint he also had a small role on the popular teen show, The OC. He played the hilarious friend of Rachel Bilson, Che and his stand out scene included him playing a guitar in the buff!

chris pratt everwood

People really started to take notice of Pratt in 2009 when he played the incredibly funny, unemployed, couch potato, Andy Dwyer on hit TV show Parks and Recreation. His character was supposed to be a temporary one but he was so likable that he was written in as a regular.

During his success on Parks and Recreation he bagged himself some small roles in Hollywood films such as Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. He was steadily climbing up the acting ladder and his net worth was climbing as well.

Show Me the Money

2014 is where the Chris Pratt net worth really started to shine. He was now becoming a bankable leading man in his own right. He voiced a character in the popular children’s Lego Movie and was paid $900 000. But it was his breakout role as a lead actor in the highly entertaining and memorable Guardians of the Galaxy that really got Hollywood buzzing.

chris pratt guardians of the galaxy

In preparation for the role he shed an incredible 80 pounds and gained some serious muscle, much to the delight of female fans around the world. He was no longer the chubby sidekick; he was now a handsome, hulky leading man. The movie grossed a massive $772.7 million at the box office and Pratt received a substantial paycheck of $1.5million. Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris became the second highest grossing actor of 2014, just one step behind Jennifer Lawrence and he was voted People magazine’s second sexiest man alive *swoon*

He is currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in Atlanta and it is estimated he will earn in the tens of millions.

Chris Pratt’s most profitable role to date was in the major blockbuster hit Jurassic World in 2015. The film raked in an unbelievable $1.6 billion, yes billion, at the box office and Forbes estimates his salary was $10 million. He is lined up to do a sequel and there are rumors that he has been offered in the range of $30 million to reprise his role as Owen. If he stars in all four follow-ups he will bank an estimated $100 million!

chris pratt jurassic world

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are known as one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. They gush about each other every chance they get and have you seen the way they look at each other? It’s beyond adorable. Chris says of their relationship “Anna and I are meant to be together. Our relationship has made me believe in divine intervention and destiny, just as much as my crazy career and the way I fell into this life.”

He could have left it at that and won the award for Husband of the Year but he went on “Anna is a great wife, very patient and understanding. Very supportive. So kind and genuine always. And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in-laws that I truly love.” They have a 3-year-old son together named Jack.

chris pratt anna faris

The couple are not big spenders and live a simple, happy life in Hollywood Hills. They have a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home that cost them $3.3 million. The home has a villa-esque quality about it and sits on half an acre of lush, green land. It really is the perfect place to raise a family.

Future Net Worth Predictions

If Chris Pratt continues his reign of success he will be one of the few $100 million men in Hollywood. The Chris Pratt net worth has increased at an incredible rate and won’t be stopping any time soon. We cant wait to see more of him on the Silver Screen.

Born: 21 June, 1979

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